Welcome to Daddy Daughter Dates!

Hello and welcome to Daddy Daughter Dates. This blog is devoted 100% to the critical relationship between a daughter and her father. My goal is to share what I’ve learned in my years being a dad, as well as countless other examples that have been shared with me from other dads with daughters.

The goal is simple: have deep and healthy relationships with our daughters. The method to get to that goal? Take time, one on one, to be with her. It sounds simple, but in today’s world of hyper connectivity and ultra-scheduling, it can be extremely difficult. Your daughter has so many influences hitting her, even at an early age (like, 18 months) and it’s critical that one of the biggest influences in her life is her father.

So why blog about it? I once heard an expectant father say, “It (his to-be child) has to be a boy. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a girl.” Let’s face it, most men don’t know how to relate to women, especially little women. However, most guys aren’t going to sit down to read a book on the subject knowing that the PHD behind the book is just going to talk at a high level as to why your daughter is important. This blog is about practical things you can do with your daughter, fed to you in a simple format, from a dad who has been through it.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for being a dad.

– Scott –


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Daddy Daughter Dates!

    • Jason, do something out of the ordinary. Find a spot to picnic, way out in a field or in a natural area. Take a lunch to the beach. Make a whole lunch themed with Star Wars (Wookie Cookies, Ham Solo sandwich, Jar-Jar of pickles). Thanks for being a dad!

  1. Hi Scott,
    Thank you for your blog. I have two daughters (6 years old and 6 months old). My daughter, Natalie and I have gone on a few daddy/daughter dates. Our goal is to do one a month. We surely enjoy our time together and it is quickly becoming a family tradition in our young family. I would like to thank you for starting this blog. I look forward to hearing from other dads as we encourage others in our walk together. Thank you once again!

    Neil Mathweg

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