How to use Daddy Daughter Dates

Daddy Daughter Dates is a blog focused on that one on one time you have with your daughter.  However, not all activities are created equal, so I’ve created a Blueprint section that goes with all the Daddy Daughter Dates posted here.

Here’s how it works:

Time: How much time the activity will take.  You want to know whether this is going to take 5 minutes or 5 hours.
Cost: How much it will cost.  Sometimes, real costs will be represented, but this can be pretty subjective given how the date is implemented and local cost
Recurrence: As often as you can do it without going crazy.
Age: Which ages would this be appropriate for.  Not all activities are applicable to each age.
Impact: How much they’ll like it.  They’ll like all of them, but some activities will just get more smiles.  My rankings will be: =}, =>, =D.  Because emoticons can explain anything.
Let’s look at an example:
Time: An hour
Cost: Free
Recurrence: As often as you can do it
Age: 2-7
Impact: =D
Thanks for being a dad!
– Scott –

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