Amazing study on the role of Dads

Amazing Study on the Role of Dads

I just got done looking through this Pew Research publication on the comparison of roles between Dads in 1960 and today.  You can read the report yourself here.  The affects are surprising, but explainable, in my mind.

Back in 1960, 90% of kids were living with their dads, but many of those dads were not involved much.  That sort of fits the bill when I talk to people the generation growing up at the time.  Many times, the dad was working a blue collar job just to keep food on the table. Unlike today, when dad is working white collar jobs just to cover the exorbitant mortgage.  With that blue collar emphasis, dads were burnt OUT.  Laying brick all day is exhausting… I’ve been told.  Running outside right after dinner to ride bikes probably wasn’t on the top of a 1960s dad’s priority list.  But….Dad was still there…..

Fast forward to today and 1/4 (ONE QUARTER!!!) of Dads don’t live with their children.  By the data, it actually shows dads overall spending more time with kids than before, though.  Dads ARE taking a more active role (WAY TO GO, BOYS!) but that is underscored by the fact that they don’t live with their kids.  Most of the dads that lived separate had a primary contact method of email or phone calls.  I can understand that, but don’t discount a child’s need for that physical presence of her father.

You know my passion is time with daughters.  This next graph did encourage me.

Anyone want to guess what’s missing from that graph on Activities of Daily Life?  That’s right, 1 on 1 time with your child.  Specifically, a Daddy Daughter Date.

Guys, I know it’s tough when you’re seperated from your little princesses and you have to deal with your ex to get access to your kids, but don’t stop trying.  Don’t stop spending precious time with them.  Come on back for more Daddy Daughter Dates.  And if you’ve got an idea in your head, drop it in the comments section, because we’d love to hear from you.

– Thanks for being a Dad –



2 thoughts on “Amazing study on the role of Dads

  1. In many ways this is ground breaking!

    What do you feel in the main issue?
    Seems as if men have had their tennis balls ripped out, are fed up with trying to communicate with their wife, then spend all their spare time pursuing fantasy football, the big buck, or the latest xxx site.

    • Dale, thanks for the kind comments. I wish I could take credit for the study! I feel the main issue is that Dads WANT to spend time with their daughters, but like you said, are somewhat intimidated by the other side of the species. But just taking the time and sacrificing quality for quantity sometimes, makes all the difference. Thanks for being a dad!

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