For the newer dads…is this how you feel?

I was a bit taken back by the title of this article: It’s a girl? How to cope when your baby isn’t a boy.  Seriously?  I’d hoped that we have gotten past that thinking, but I guess we live in a culture that continually tells us we can have exactly what we want (a lot of good that does us, few of us really do have what we want).  But I would have hoped that we’ve gotten past the “It HAS to be a boy” mindset.

If you’re a new dad or expectant dad and a girl is what is slated for you, don’t believe the old adages of shotguns at the door and spending your life savings at her wedding.  There is SO MUCH MORE to being a dad of a girl.  It’s exciting, interesting, maddening, and so very filled with creativity.

Here’s the other trick: you actually have to live like a man.  With a boy, you can directly teach him what a man is.  With your daughter, you have to model it.  A tough charge, for sure.  But your daughter is worth it.  Oh so worth it.

Still upset that your baby isn’t a boy?  Give it a little time, you won’t ever be again.

Thanks for being a dad.

– Scott –


One thought on “For the newer dads…is this how you feel?

  1. This is real for men. That said, I know what you mean. Never felt I would lack if I had all daughters. Yet, the way I am wired, and other men are wired for are battle, adventure and winning the beauty!!!

    That’s always a bit more fun when you have a son. If you don’t have a son then maybe you’re like me. I prayed WAY too hard for women in my life when I was 16. Big Boss has a sense of humor.

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