Being a dad lowers your testosterone?

I guess so. A NY Times article points to some new research indicating that fathers have lower testosterone levels than other males.  The Canadian study looked at a large number of men, both dads and men sans kids, and reviewed their levels of the manly man stuff in their blood.

The reason I really like the NY Times article is that it calls out a specific fear that I had: if I don’t have as much testosterone, that makes me less of a man, right?  WRONG.  Dead wrong.  In fact, lower testosterone can help you in the later years.  Ever hear of prostate cancer?  Yeah, well, higher levels of testosterone have been linked to prostate cancer.

But I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking it to, and no you’re not suddenly going to want to stay up crying at the Notebook or DVR the red carpet.  You’re probably just going to be a bit more patient, with your daughter and your spouse.  You might even get more good effects like being slower to anger.  Apparently, I’m still waiting on my T levels to drop enough to affect that one.

The study calls to a higher message as well: our masculine bodies are engineered to be dads.  Females, we’ve known are just wired for mothering, but now we have some evidence that shows ours bodies physiologically react to being a dad and do so to sustain a healthy family environment.  Is that not cool?  So being a dad of a daughter, you might have been worried about your testosterone.  Worry not, you KNOW it’s going to change. But it would have changed anyway, no matter the gender!

So be encouraged.  Your little girl not only brings a smile to your face and warms your heart, but she also helps your body to adapt to being a great father.

Thanks for being a dad….



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