Bonus Daddy Daughter Date: Caddy for her on the LPGA

I’ve been hearing from a number of dads on how they spend one on one time with their daughters.  It’s amazing, encouraging, and inspiring to hear how so many fathers get directly involved with their daughter’s lives.  Because of those times, you get to see great ideas each week here at the Daddy Daughter Date blog.

I was totally blown away when I read this article about an LPGA golfer who was using her dad as a caddie.  I mean, seriously, how cool is that?  Think from his perspective.  You start off buying her that first set of clubs.  Maybe they were made of Hasbro plastic, but either way, she swung with gusto.  Being a professional, you see a glint here of rhythm; a quick view of her shoulders making a perfect turn.

You start to nurture her skills.  A few extra minutes past her bedtime, early morning putting before the course was even open, endless buckets of shag balls.  You’re gently coaching her, keeping in mind she’s still your daughter, but encouraging her as fails along the way.

Miles and miles are spent in the car going to golf meets.  Golf gloves and bags for Christmas.  Trophies start entering the home.  She goes on and makes the tour, and you get the first phone call.

And now, after all that and the years of watching her grow, you get to be right along side her to watch her compete.  Not just on the green at the end or watching on the TV, but right beside her.

Whether she wins or doesn’t even make the cut, you have to admire a dad that has invested the time with his little girl.  She obviously sees it and wants her dad to still invest that time.  If I had the chance to talk to him, I’d say, “Thanks for being a dad….”



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