Hugging your baby girl for the first time….after 31 years

I know that a ton of men have experienced the difficulty of infertility and so very want to be a parent.  It can be extremely frustrating to go through those times of hoping and praying that something will change; something will miraculously happen.  For some, it never happens.  For others, it happens after waiting a long, long time.

I read this article about a man that has the slowest sperm in the world.  Yes, after 31 years, he found out he’s a dad.  Okay, I’m totally joking around here, but just consider that guy’s life.  From the article, it very much sounds like he wanted to be a dad and just thought that he would never be able to.  Then, out of the blue, he found out he’s a dad and grandfather.  What an amazing story!

Yeah, I don't think that's going to fit her....

Now, you’re probably asking, how is he going to adapt to suddenly being a dad?  Well, I admit that it’s a little different given that she’s a grown woman and a pretty good distance away.  But why not a Daddy-Daughter Date?  Why not pick something that he can do with her just one-on-one?  Obviously, they’ve got 31 years of catching up to do, and that one-on-one time can let them have those deep, personal conversations that they’ve always wanted to have.

Never too late

It’s funny how life works.  You believe something about yourself for so long, you don’t even consider it being different.  Some of us think that we’re not good with home repair, finances, or truly listening to our spouses.  This guy believed he would never be a Dad, but always wanted to be.  If I had the chance, you’d know that I would say to him, “Welcome to the club….and thanks for being a Dad….”



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