Daddy-Daughter Date #24 Trick or treat with her

Time: 1-2 hours
Cost: $
Recurrence: Once a year
Age: 2-7
Impact: =}
Trick or treating is a childhood tradition.  Everyone can remember at least one costumer they wore for trick or treating.  If you’re like some, you can remember EVERY costume and even some of your friends.  The holiday is about costumes and candy here, people.  And because it is intended to be a FUN holiday, it’s ripe for a daddy-daughter date.
I would mention that this date is probably only do-able if you only have one daughter or one daughter of the appropriate age.  If you’ve got multiple young daughters, you’re not going to get away going trick or treating with just one of them.  Also, if your daughter is 16, don’t think that she’s suddenly going to want you hanging out with her just because it’s Halloween.  You’re smarter than that and so is she.  Come to think of it, your daughter shouldn’t be trick or treating if she’s that old.  That’s for another book.

Wait...that might not be a costume.....

Now that you’ve qualified yourself as actually being able to go trick or treating with your daughter, it’s time to work on the costume.  Does she already have a costume?  If so, try and find something associated.  So, if she’s a princess, be a king….or a princess; your call.  Don’t know what you’re going to do in the Voltron example, though.  If she doesn’t have a costume, there is a great opportunity for you to work as a team.  Something like the Cat in the Hat, or The Incredibles.  If you two can think of something original, make your costumes.  It’s a great way to keep costs down on this date.  Work on the costumes together.  Come Halloween night, there will be a lot of parents that give you the thumbs up for being a Dad that is part of your daughter’s life.  And I’m sure that you’re going to hear, “My Dad and I went trick or treating as __________” a million times over.

This is all kinds of awesome

Pro-Tip: Don’t take the candy.  Remember, Halloween is for the kids and goth kids that are in to vampires.  The mom giving out candy is going to figure out that the 6’2″ SpongeBob is not really a child.  That make an awkward Neighborhood Christmas party.  If you do get some home owner that gives you a piece of candy, put it in your daughter’s bag or bucket.  You’re going to eat it later anyway, aren’t you?  C’mon, we all do it.

And if you’re feeling silly for going through all this trouble?  Just look at the face of that little girl.  She thinks it’s cool that you’re coming around with her.  Yeah, you may get some laughs and a few pictures might get snapped, but you’re communicating to your little girl that you’re a fun Dad that cares more about spending time with her than what people think.  There is a lot in that last sentence; go back and really think through it.
Happy Halloween and thanks for being a dad…

Welcome to Daddy-Daughter Dates


Thanks for dropping by the Daddy Daughter Dates blog.  This blog will be devoted 100% to the critical relationship between a daughter and her father.

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The goal is simple: have deep and healthy relationships with our daughters and have fun doing it. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for being a dad.

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Dad makes a Voltron costume for his daughter

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween.  Some of you dads out there are expecting to follow your daughter down your street and back again as she’s dressed as a fairy or princess, or a fairy-princess.  Some of you went the extra mile and helped create your daughter’s costume by pasting some felt on a shirt or bending pipe cleaners in to a tiara.  A noble effort, but not as cool as making a light-up Voltron costume.

That’s exactly right.  For all those that came looking for the latest step in father-daughter relationships, it comes down to Voltron!  The throw-back 80s cartoon that Power Rangers bastardized and demeaned, given new life on your daughter’s Halloween.  Now, I know that most of us are not going to go to that level and are fearful of trying to re-create Rainbow Brite or Gem, but you have to take your hat off to this guy.

Oh, Derpy Hooves, what have they done to you?

I think it’s really cool that a dad took part of his childhood and gave a part of that to his daughter.  I had the full connecting Voltron toy and was somewhat relieved to see the face value so I didn’t kick myself for losing it.  But your daughters love to hear about the toys you liked and things you played with, so why not open up that world to her.  With DVD collections and re-releases, it’s as easy as pie to show off your old throwbacks.

He did not ninja kick enemies to make them disappear. He just cut them in half.

Thanks for remembering the 80s with me and thanks for being a dad….


Daughter takes Dad on Honor Flight

Let’s look in to the future, gentlemen.  You’ve raised your daughter as best as possible and she’s gone off to start a life on her own.  As she grows older and more mature, you see her become a parent and start to pass on the messages that you gave to her.  She’s involved in her kids lives.  And then at some point, in your old age, she returns all those years of kindness you gave her in a moment that will stand out even in your aged memory.

Nnnnnooo...that's not what I meant.

None of us can really predict what that is going to be.  And none of us really require it, but it’s a notification that we did something right as her father.  Maybe it’s a trip somewhere.  Maybe it’s a special photo gallery she worked on for years.  One daughter decided to accompany her dad on the Honor Flight.

This article does hit close to home, as it’s from my local paper.  Unfortunately, my relatives that WERE present in these wars are already gone.  It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to witness something this powerful as this woman will.  In all, she probably doesn’t remember her dad in the war.  It might have been before she was born or when she was too young to recall.  Either way, with whatever happened in that war, that Dad still took the time enough to create a deep relationship with his daughter, and she’s now returning the favor.

For those of you that served...Thank You.

Aren’t we all hoping for that?  Aren’t we all hoping that our daughters still want to talk to us when the world has lost interest in us?  Don’t we want our girls to become women with integrity that pass on that love that we gave them?

Do you?  If so, thanks for being a dad….



Dad and daughter fight a deer

I don’t know totally why I’m on this kick, but the Dad and daughter team stories seem to keep jumping out at me.  Last week, I talked about really boosting your girl’s self-esteem by letting her swim with sharks.  Although extreme, that Dad showed his confidence in his daughter.  Now, how about another Dad-Daughter team, this time up against the fiercest predator on land: the White-Tailed Deer.

He will soon unleash his own form of terror in the forest

This story is absolutely classic, and realizing that there were injuries involved, this is still absolutely classic.  For those of you unable to click a link, let me break it down for you.  Lady goes jogging.  Deer comes out of cornfield and starts following her.  Deer attacks.  Woman tries to play dead, but due to her poor acting skills deer continues to attack.

Enter Dad-Daughter tag team (think of the Rockers but after Marty Jannetty got a hair cut). They start punching Bambi; Bambi don’t care cause Bambi don’t have to.  Dad returns to truck and gets a hammer.  Bambi finally cares and runs off.

STOP....Hammer Time!

In all reality, the Dad and his daughter worked as a team and probably saved the woman’s life. I guess this is a story about helping steer your daughter’s choice, bucking up and being there when she needs you, and sometimes that means forgoing a better job and more doe.  I’m sure this girl’s AUNT LEARned a lesson.  All right, that was a stretch.

Thanks for being a dad…


Dad and daughter swim with sharks

So you say it’s neat how your daughter takes after you, has some of the same expressions, and cheers for the same team as you?  It IS so cool when she picks up on some of your interests or you just see a glint of yourself in her.  That’s what the Daddy-Daughter Date blog is all about.

Maybe she likes to shoot hoops like you?  How about she’s got your knack for writing?  Well, how about she SWIMS WITH FREAKING SHARKS!?!?!  AT THE AGE OF SIX!?!?  Is that not amazing?

"Do you want to pet one, Honey?"

Look, I’ve got a “to be” six year old on my hands and I just got her up on two wheels on her own.  So, hearing of a dad encouraging his kids to swim with sharks, well, made me feel like I’m just not trying hard enough.  I mean, I know we’ve all got “Father of the Year” shirts and mugs, but this guy is pushing it to the edge.

Go ahead and turn yours in...

The article and video are interesting.  I realize that this dad, like many others, took a chance to watch his girl stretch her wings a bit and did an awesome job holding himself back and let her do it.  Many dads do this, however very few do it with predators in their natural environment.  I’d hate to be the lion keepers kid.  Either way, if I ever take a trip to South Africa, I’ll totally look this guy up just to shake his hand and say, “Thanks for being a dad…”