Dad and daughter swim with sharks

So you say it’s neat how your daughter takes after you, has some of the same expressions, and cheers for the same team as you?  It IS so cool when she picks up on some of your interests or you just see a glint of yourself in her.  That’s what the Daddy-Daughter Date blog is all about.

Maybe she likes to shoot hoops like you?  How about she’s got your knack for writing?  Well, how about she SWIMS WITH FREAKING SHARKS!?!?!  AT THE AGE OF SIX!?!?  Is that not amazing?

"Do you want to pet one, Honey?"

Look, I’ve got a “to be” six year old on my hands and I just got her up on two wheels on her own.  So, hearing of a dad encouraging his kids to swim with sharks, well, made me feel like I’m just not trying hard enough.  I mean, I know we’ve all got “Father of the Year” shirts and mugs, but this guy is pushing it to the edge.

Go ahead and turn yours in...

The article and video are interesting.  I realize that this dad, like many others, took a chance to watch his girl stretch her wings a bit and did an awesome job holding himself back and let her do it.  Many dads do this, however very few do it with predators in their natural environment.  I’d hate to be the lion keepers kid.  Either way, if I ever take a trip to South Africa, I’ll totally look this guy up just to shake his hand and say, “Thanks for being a dad…”



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