Dad and daughter fight a deer

I don’t know totally why I’m on this kick, but the Dad and daughter team stories seem to keep jumping out at me.  Last week, I talked about really boosting your girl’s self-esteem by letting her swim with sharks.  Although extreme, that Dad showed his confidence in his daughter.  Now, how about another Dad-Daughter team, this time up against the fiercest predator on land: the White-Tailed Deer.

He will soon unleash his own form of terror in the forest

This story is absolutely classic, and realizing that there were injuries involved, this is still absolutely classic.  For those of you unable to click a link, let me break it down for you.  Lady goes jogging.  Deer comes out of cornfield and starts following her.  Deer attacks.  Woman tries to play dead, but due to her poor acting skills deer continues to attack.

Enter Dad-Daughter tag team (think of the Rockers but after Marty Jannetty got a hair cut). They start punching Bambi; Bambi don’t care cause Bambi don’t have to.  Dad returns to truck and gets a hammer.  Bambi finally cares and runs off.

STOP....Hammer Time!

In all reality, the Dad and his daughter worked as a team and probably saved the woman’s life. I guess this is a story about helping steer your daughter’s choice, bucking up and being there when she needs you, and sometimes that means forgoing a better job and more doe.  I’m sure this girl’s AUNT LEARned a lesson.  All right, that was a stretch.

Thanks for being a dad…



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