Daughter takes Dad on Honor Flight

Let’s look in to the future, gentlemen.  You’ve raised your daughter as best as possible and she’s gone off to start a life on her own.  As she grows older and more mature, you see her become a parent and start to pass on the messages that you gave to her.  She’s involved in her kids lives.  And then at some point, in your old age, she returns all those years of kindness you gave her in a moment that will stand out even in your aged memory.

Nnnnnooo...that's not what I meant.

None of us can really predict what that is going to be.  And none of us really require it, but it’s a notification that we did something right as her father.  Maybe it’s a trip somewhere.  Maybe it’s a special photo gallery she worked on for years.  One daughter decided to accompany her dad on the Honor Flight.

This article does hit close to home, as it’s from my local paper.  Unfortunately, my relatives that WERE present in these wars are already gone.  It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to witness something this powerful as this woman will.  In all, she probably doesn’t remember her dad in the war.  It might have been before she was born or when she was too young to recall.  Either way, with whatever happened in that war, that Dad still took the time enough to create a deep relationship with his daughter, and she’s now returning the favor.

For those of you that served...Thank You.

Aren’t we all hoping for that?  Aren’t we all hoping that our daughters still want to talk to us when the world has lost interest in us?  Don’t we want our girls to become women with integrity that pass on that love that we gave them?

Do you?  If so, thanks for being a dad….




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