Dad makes a Voltron costume for his daughter

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween.  Some of you dads out there are expecting to follow your daughter down your street and back again as she’s dressed as a fairy or princess, or a fairy-princess.  Some of you went the extra mile and helped create your daughter’s costume by pasting some felt on a shirt or bending pipe cleaners in to a tiara.  A noble effort, but not as cool as making a light-up Voltron costume.

That’s exactly right.  For all those that came looking for the latest step in father-daughter relationships, it comes down to Voltron!  The throw-back 80s cartoon that Power Rangers bastardized and demeaned, given new life on your daughter’s Halloween.  Now, I know that most of us are not going to go to that level and are fearful of trying to re-create Rainbow Brite or Gem, but you have to take your hat off to this guy.

Oh, Derpy Hooves, what have they done to you?

I think it’s really cool that a dad took part of his childhood and gave a part of that to his daughter.  I had the full connecting Voltron toy and was somewhat relieved to see the face value so I didn’t kick myself for losing it.  But your daughters love to hear about the toys you liked and things you played with, so why not open up that world to her.  With DVD collections and re-releases, it’s as easy as pie to show off your old throwbacks.

He did not ninja kick enemies to make them disappear. He just cut them in half.

Thanks for remembering the 80s with me and thanks for being a dad….



4 thoughts on “Dad makes a Voltron costume for his daughter

  1. I take my hat off to you. You have raised the bar. For the first time in my life I feel like an inadequate father. If I REALLY love my kids, clearly I need to step it up. If gave out a medal of honor, you sir would be its first recipient.

    • I’ll take the Finders Medal on this one. The Voltron costume was another awesome dad out there. I thought the overall concept was cool, but then the lights? Wow, that’s creativity. Why doesn’t dorkdad hand out medals yet?

      • Already working on a concept for the “Dork-Dad-Of-The-Year Award”. I’m gonna call it “The Dorkie”…

        …only problem is I need to have my blog active for a full year first, don’t you think?

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