Dads and daughters and….Twilight?

All right, look, I understand that a large number of you dads out there are just trying to deal with hormonally imbalanced teens that have this thing for depressed vampires.  It’s a cultural phenomenon like the Beatles, Shaun Cassidy, or Brad Pitt.  You can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.  And the vampire craze is completely through the roof now with this Twilight thing.  So much so that you’ve got whole legions of fans going to see the next Twilight premiere, sometimes camping out for days.

Oh, if only

Look, I blog a lot about caring for your daughter and her needs to have a relationship with you.  That relationship is one of the most crucial for her well being.  Your daughter needs you, needs to know you, needs to learn from you, and needs to trust you.  I even give out a ton of ideas on what to do with your daughter.  One on one time is such an awesome time to build that relationship.

But I just cannot fathom the idea of camping out at a Twilight movie premier for days because of your daughter.  COME ON!!  No matter the size of the phenomenon or cultural influence, you should not turn in your man card for your daughter.  A tiara at a princess tea? Not revoking the man card; you’re just trying to come to her level.  Going to the ballet? Still not taking it away as you’re building culture.  Camping out at a Twilight premier for a week? BANNED!  Don’t believe me?  Read a few of the comments on those pictures and let me know.

The dudes in the back must be trying to get to GameStop...yeah...

I get trying to hang with your daughter, but really, what redeeming quality or lesson are we teaching here?  It’s a set of books, you know.  Read the books with her,  discuss it, have some dialogue.  But going all OccupyTwilight?  Nah.  The actors are just actors and you’re showing her it’s cool to elevate them to some sort of diety, when really, they’re just actors.  They’d be doing a Soft Scrub commercial if they needed to.  Or worse….aaaand I’m not going there.


I’m all about you having quality time with your daughter.  But quality time should be quality, that this sort of thing, it just seems a little weird.  Look, I went to a Spice Girls concert before I was even a dad, and not only did I realize I should never let my friends talk me in buying tickets while intoxicated, but I realized it was down right weird.  If the entire universe around you is a crowd of girls and women, you might just find your Man Card missing at the end of that event.

Thanks for being a dad….



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