Take your daughter to a bookstore

Now, this is two weeks away, but I think you should get it on your calendars, Dads.  I’m not always a sentimental guy when it comes to progress.  Technology has opened doors and bridged gaps that many thought were insurmountable.  Progress comes from looking at a problem and finding an innovative way to solve it.  We’ve cured countless diseases, explored the stars and used the power of technology to….make books digital.  Huh?

Yeah, like you could save the land of Fantasia on a Kindle Fire...psshh.

That’s why I love the idea of “Take your Child to a Bookstore”.  It’s on December 3rd and you can read a ton about the concept to maintain those little boutiques that are part of Americana.  Obviously, I have somewhat of an agenda as I want you to take your daughter to the bookstore, if one is in your area.  I think it’s a perfect Daddy-Daughter Date and it’s sharing one of the greatest gifts she’ll treasure forever: reading.

If your daughter’s room is like mine, there are enough books.  If you frequent the library, as my family does, they’ve seen the gambit of books and the written word.  But there is just something different about a bookstore, where they can see it all.  They can sit down for a story hour, or look at ALL the Dora series at once.  More importantly, it’s supporting those local businesses and physically connecting your daughter to the act of reading.

That love of reading might spell your doom, however.

Think about it.  It’s free.  It’s a Daddy-Daughter Date.  It’s simple and there’s a map on the website.  If you go, please let me know how it went.  If you don’t, that’s cool too, and let me know what you did with your daughter that day instead.

Either way, thanks for being a dad….





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