There’s no replacing a dad

Now, I normally don’t just link to other blogs, as I’m not really one of those aggregator sites, but I found this post not only relevant, but also backed up with research.  I think we all hope we make a difference, being a part of our daughter’s life.  We want to show her what a man really is (even if it’s not us), we want to protect her, and we want to dote over her.  But often we don’t know how (that’s what the Daddy-Daughter Date blog is about) or if it even makes a difference (oooo, good foreshadowing).

Dr. Peggy Drexler writes on her blog about the impact of fathers on their daughter’s lives, not only as young children, but as those children age.  As dads, I think we underestimate our power in our daughter’s lives.  The things we say, or do, or even just how we act around her, it all molds her.  But what we miss is that our daughter’s are looking for our approval, whether that’s in her grades or just how she combed her hair.

Aww, that's sweet, hon-WAIT, IS THAT A RHINO?!?!

Overall, Dr. Drexler’s research tells us what we’ve hoped and feared: there’s no replacing a dad.  A daughter is always going to seek approval from her father, even from the bad ones.  What to do with that information?  Go out and be an encouraging dad.  Tell her a good thing you saw her do today, whatever the age.  Compliment her on one thing, whatever the age.  Yeah, she might roll her eyes and storm off.  Yes, she might be embarrassed.  But at least she has a dad that’s encouraging her, and in part, she might just return the favor.

*sniff*...Sure is dusty in here *sniff*

Thanks for being a dad….



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