Daughter Vs. Google: One Dad’s quest

Maybe you’ve seen this whole thread and maybe you haven’t, but either way, you’re probably see yourself somewhere in this whole story.  It’s a sign of the time as it’s one dads fight to stick up for his daughter online.  But it’s a little different than the expected story.

It’s not a dad trying to cover for his daughter or try and ward off cyber-bullies; it’s a dad that’s miffed at Google for deleting his daughter’s account.  Apparently, his daughter has had the account for a few years, using it primarily as a communication tool with grandparents, but once Google realized that she was underage, the wiped the account.

Google was just trying to cut down on the views of this video

With all the online stuff that’s just omnipresent these days, you’d figure this would story would have taken some sort of plot twist or had a different driver.  We all remember the Jessi Slaughter dad threatening to call the cyber police (sad thing is, the dad passed away in August) and usually these things just have a dark and ugly cause to them.

Nope.  Just Google.  Being Google.  Look, you can probably see this dad’s beef, but you can also see Google’s point.  The dad just wants some sort of notification.  Google just wants to steer clear of any lawsuits that could arise from something bad happened to underage children.

Well, at least it gives you some sort of notification when it happens

So, what’s your stand?  Is this Google protecting themselves or making a conscientious choice for everyone’s safety?  Is the dad justified in stepping in for his daughter or should he just move on?

Either way, thanks for being a dad…



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