Daddy-Daughter Date #76 – Photowalk

This Daddy-Daughter Date idea come from Drew over at  Thanks Drew!

Time: 1 – 2 hours
Cost:  Free (assuming you have a camera)
Recurrence:  Once a month
Age: 2-73
Impact: =}

Taking a walk is already a Daddy-Daughter Date (stay tuned for DDD #8 – Adventure Hike), but this one has a bit of different flare.  Why not snap a few memories of your walk, where ever you go?  Taking along a camera is just a good idea for any Daddy-Daughter Date, but when you’re out in a natural area or just any area with interesting surroundings, having a camera on hand is good idea.  Capturing your surroundings will catelogue your Daddy-Daughter Date, giving you the opportunity to look back in a year, 5 years, or even 50 years (if you live that long).  Your daughter will want to look back, so give her that opportunity.  Every time she does, she’s going to think how awesome her dad was.

Step 1: Camera.  You’re going to need some sort of camera to take pictures.  I like to suggest that both you and your daughter have your own camera, that way you’re not always waiting for each other or snatching it out of each others hands.  That and you can compare pictures or snake off in your own little area to grab some hidden shots.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve got a camera on my phone.  It’s good enough”  MAYBE.  It’s true that the cost of digital photography has assisted in cameras being everywhere, but you do want to take fairly decent pictures.  With the prices of cameras down to around $40 for a starter rig, you could afford to pick up a new one for you or your daughter.  Also, you’ll have better control taking the shot by not using your phone and you won’t accidentally upload thirty leaf photos to Facebook by accident.  Just make sure if there is a wrist-strap, she uses it.

Actually, that's from when she took a picture of Woody Harelson

Step 2: A place to walk.  This should be a no-brainer, but let’s just talk this one through.  For a photo walk, you don’t have to go much farther than the end of your driveway.  There are a ton of basic scenes and items that when photographed, end up becoming a work of art.  Yes, snapping a picture of a rusted fire hydrant ends up becoming art and going for $10 at an art fair.  But, if you’re looking for some locations outside your driveway, find an area where you have room to roam and not a lot of crowd.  Having less people helps when trying to grab photos.  Some ideas: a field of grass, a park, a zoo, a botanical gardens, a golf course, a beach, the forest, a downtown area, a pond/lake, etc.  Whatever she wants to shoot, let her shoot.  C’mon, it’s digital.  Yes, when we were talking film, this was different story.

Be on the lookout for the photobomb, though

Step 3: Review.  After the Daddy-Daughter Date is all said and done, find a way to display the pictures.  You may decide to get them made in to a prints and help her put them in an album, or you might just throw them on a thumb drive and have a digital picture frame play the day back to you.  Either way, her seeing it all over again, and you, conjures the memories of that time and the feeling of togetherness with you.  It reminds her that dad is there for her and cares about taking time with just her.  In a way, it reminds her that you love her.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that couldn’t be truer in her mind after this Daddy-Daughter Date.

From Drew at
“I brought her to this park that we have near our house and they have a sort of petting zoo with domestic animals like horses, sheep, and goats and stuff.  And you can bring carrots or apples and feed the animals.  Well, we brought our cameras; she was about 2 1/2. 

property of

I’ll just give her a real camera.  I thought about getting her one of those Fischer Price ones, but then I though, it’s not going to take good pictures.  I gave her a point and shoot camera, one that I had used for a long time.  It was one I was going to replace, so I just gave it to her.  She knew how to take pictures already, so the two of us just went around and took pictures of the animals at the park.  I’ve got pictures of her and pictures of me, and I actually still got a picture of her holding the camera; I keep it on my Ipad.  That was a year and a half ago.    And I wanted to show her how to take pictures, so we do things like that together.  It’s definitely sharing a passion.

property of

I think it’s just that special time with Dad.  I’m busy a lot.  I used to work 9-5, but now I’m working weekends, so I’m home throughout the week, but I’m also trying to work on my blog, so I can’t play all the time.  So, this is a special time, just the two of us.”

property of

“I’m really trying to build a relationship so she knows she can always come to me.  That we have things in common and that we can talk about them for years to come.” Drew

Hey Drew! Thanks for being a dad…


Want to share your Daddy-Daughter Date idea and be featured on Daddy Daughter Date?  Drop me a line and let’s do it!


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