Do you dadvertise?

One of my favorite gifts (if not my most favorite) that I received for Christmas was my Super Dad shirt.  I’ve already got a few shirts that advertise my personal occupation, but it dawned on me that people often speak through their clothes, do dads?

He's trying to tell you that he likes to pop his collars

For an example, I don’t have a ton of t-shirts, but I know a bunch of people that do.  They have T-shirts from high school track teams they were on, concerts they went to, creative slogans (“Without me, it would just be aweso”) and the like.  People that go to concerts often wear shirts that they got at other concerts.  People profess their allegiance to specific teams by wearing their colors or jerseys, and often pay a small fortune just to advertise for that team.

Think of it.  Do you have a Harley Davidson shirt?  Maybe a Yankees jersey?  What about an LSU Tigers hat?  You’d wear those out any day of the week.  It’s who you are. It’s what you’re behind.  It’s what you spend your time on.  If your daughter got you a shirt that mentioned being her dad, would you wear it with that same pride?

Do you dare?

I’m not hoping to guilt you in to buying one of those shirts, I’m literally wondering whether I think being a dad is way cooler than it is.  Is it something to put on a shirt or is it just something should see from you based on the pictures on your desk and the recap of the family weekends that you have? How do you advertise being a dad?

Gretzky jersey? Nah, this is a true Great One

Whether you advertise it or not….thanks for being a dad…..


and my wife wants me to coin “dadvertise”.


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