Daddy-Daughter Date #12 – Build a Snowman or Snowfort

Time: 10 – 40 mins
Cost: Free, unless you have to build your own snow
Recurrence: Twice a winter
Age: 2 – 18
Impact: =}

What child doesn’t remember making a snow man?  Don’t you remember making a cool snowman?  The second the flakes start falling, most kids are thinking of getting two sticks, a hat, a scarf, and packing the snow in to a few boulders.  That time is a great time to help your daughter play dress up with approximately 100 pounds of snow.  Given that the total snowman weighs that much, she probably is going to need you to do the heavy lifting and assemble it.  It does depend on where you live, however.  If you live in Arizona, this Daddy Daughter Date might be problematic to pull off.  But if you’re in an area where typically you have to shovel yourself out before heading to work, slot some time to make a snowman.

Proved me wrong yet again, eh, Arizona?

Think of something imaginative or let your daughter come up with the idea.  You don’t have to do the typical hat and scarf if you don’t want to.  Just remember, whatever you put outside has a potential to blow away or get destroyed by the elements.  Here are a few ideas to get your daughters creative thoughts going:
– A family of snow people
– A snow princess
– A snow dog

– A snow giraffe (Okay, you’d need A LOT of snow to pull this off and would need to be an amazing sculptor)

Again, I stand corrected...and impressed!

Say that your daughter isn’t in to dress up or your back doesn’t necessarily want to roll that much snow.  A snow fort can be just as fun and a neat project at the same time.  One method to create a snow fort is to simply make a HUGE pile of snow that you dig a “cave” in to.  Your back is going to still be screaming at you, however.  Another route is to make snow bricks using a plastic mold (retail of $4.99) or just use a pan or bucket.  Just set expectations on whether you’re going to be building an igloo or not, because that conversation will come up.  You could make a fort, or maybe just a few walls for a good ole fashioned snowball fight.  Plus, sitting inside the little igloo you created with your daughter is pretty fun and gives you the chance to pretend with her for a bit

She'll be the envy of the neighborhood

Super-Dad Tip: The snow should be somewhat wet, so it can actually stick together.  Start with a snowball, packed together tightly, and then roll it around in the snow to make it bigger.  Think back to Loony Toones and a massive snowball barreling down a mountain.  You want the base to be a bit flat on top, so shape it so it’s ready for the 2nd and 3rd ball.  Repeat the same steps for the 2nd and 3rd ball, rolling it out of a starter snowball.

Take pictures of you and your daughter next to your creation.  Then go inside and have some hot chocolate.

Thanks for being a dad…



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