A lesson in real life

So here’s a post for all you dads out there with teenage daughters.  Yours is a plight filled with gigantic mood swings, high school drama, and the ever-lurking predators known as “boys”.  It’s a position that many have lived through, somehow, with their sanity in check.  The best of those continue to do Daddy-Daughter Dates even during the teenage years.  Even at the very cusp on teenage angst, dads still want to hang out with their daughters.  That’s awesome.

As you’ve seen here, a number of the Daddy-Daughter Dates are for any age.  I recently heard of something that one dad was going to do with his daughter that was less of a date, but with amazing impact.  The dad is a cop and works in a metropolitan area with a university.  He gets to see all the stupidity and depravity that happens at college, that most of us are glad is over (and some wish we were still there).  And he’s going to show that to his daughter.

This is going to be interesting

To set the scene, he’s going to take his daughter on a “ride-along”.  It’s for her to really see what happens at college when hormones are high, parents are far away, and alcohol is available.  It could be a tame night, for sure.  She might only see a speeding ticket or two.  However, she might see the very dark consequences that can happen at college parties.  Or how college guys act.  Or what it’s like to be the only sober one at a party.

Hopefully, that's not your future son in law

I think it’s a great idea.  Sure, maybe she’d roll her eyes the whole time, but after watching way too many surreal situations involving inebriated people, I’ll take the eye roll.  We’re trying to instill values in our daughters and sometimes that takes an example of what NOT to do.

For example, don't get tased.

What do you think?  Is that a little too real and college is the time for anything and everything?  Do you wish you could do this with YOUR daughter and simply need the squad car?

Either way, thanks for being a dad….



2 thoughts on “A lesson in real life

  1. Too real? Hell no! I wish I had thought of that!

    Thankfully for us, we lived for a couple of years in the college town that she eventually went back to for school. She was used to some of the BS. The ones she had the most problems with were the ones her age, experiencing that “freedom” (or whatever it is) for the first time. Some of these kids really overcompensate for the feeling that they were “trapped” for so long in our “dungeons”.

    She’s seeing now, a couple years later, that what we provided wasn’t that bad after all. I think they just have to experience it for themselves.

    • That’s an awesome story, Brandon. I grew up in a university town too, but was too unpopular to find out what partying was like, so I had no clue either.

      That’s a good point that they have to experience things first hand. A ride along may only give a 2 hour perspective, but the hope would be that it’d be educational enough for her to think twice in some of those critical moments. Thanks for being a dad…


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