Daddy-Daughter Date #23a – Watch a sunrise

Time: 10 – 25 min
Cost: FREE
Recurrence: Every day!
Age: newborn – 104
Impact: =D

What could be more inspiring and yet peaceful to start the day watching a sunset?  What could be more tranquil, yet powerful to watch the sun creep up over the horizon?  What could be more timeless than sharing that with your little girl?  It’s one of the more beautiful natural events that EVERYONE can see, and she’ll love being there with you.

Isn't it beaut-- WAIT! How high up are you?!?!

Planning to watch a sunrise can take a little bit of doing.  You’re going to need to find out when it is, naturally, but also what the weather is going to be like.  In some cases, you might be getting both yourself and your daughter up at 5 in the morning just to catch it.  You don’t want to waste all that potential sleep (both for her and for you) by waking up early on a foggy or overcast morning.  Luckily, the newspaper and weather related websites will have the approximate sunrise times as well as weather.

You also want to pick a good spot to view the sunrise.  If there are a bunch of buildings in the way, that might not be the most serene location.  If there are hill or any natural overlook spots near you, those will probably give you a pretty nice view.  Seating might also be an issue.  Bring along a blanket to sit on or even a light chair if you’re going to be watching the sunrise in spot with not the best turf.  Starting off the day by changing mud stained clothes is probably not what your daughter wants to do.

Then again...maybe she does

Unlike most Daddy Daughter Dates, it’s not a necessity to talk here.  Sometimes, the silence between you and your daughter is worth so much more than describing it with words.  Just take it all in.  The pink and orange clouds; the morning dew; beams of light coming through the trees.  Let her take it all in to.

If she wants to talk, though, talk.  Talk about your day ahead and what you hope to accomplish.  Something about that sunrise really gets one’s mind going.  Share it.

Something this amazing...and it happens every day

Super Dad Tip(s): Pack a breakfast along with this Daddy Daughter Date. Watch the sunset during every season and compare the spring sunrise over morning dew to the winter sunrise over freshly fallen snow.

Thanks for being a dad…



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