Daddy-Daughter Date #42: Ice Skating

Time: 2-3 hours
Cost: $$
Recurrence: Once or twice
Age: 2-12, 20-35
Impact: 😀

If there was ever a date where your daughter was going to be learning as much as you, it’s probably going to be here. Now, I don’t know your comfort level when skating, for sure, but I’d wager that unless you seriously skate a lot, you’re going to be stumbling around out there on the ice.  Your daughter probably will too.

You’ll notice I left a gap in the ages on this Daddy-Daughter Date.  That’s for a couple of reasons.  The first being that I you won’t get her near an ice rink with you during the teen years.  This activity is REAL DATE material at this point, so don’t try it then.  You can pick it back up again in a few years.  But the cut off date is around 35 as I figure you’ll be at least 55 at that time and fearful of breaking a hip.

Then again...maybe not

Ice skating can be done in a number of different places.  If you have a rink near you, they most likely have an open skate each week or possibly lessons if you’re both starting new.  I wouldn’t go out an buy skates, FYI, unless you’re both REALLY serious.  And I mean REALLY serious.  You think it’s expensive buying new shoes all the time.  Now think about those shoes with metal blades on the bottom.  Yeah, expensive.  So rental is going to be the way to go. Just make sure you get good, sharp skates that are straight.  The injuries that can happen to your out of shape groin are not fun.  And no, that doesn’t not count as exercise for your groin.

If it’s free skate and it’s both your first time, take it easy.  Grab some buckets or whatever “walkers” they have available to stabilize yourself.  I wouldn’t suggest holding hands the first few go arounds.  Let her get her footing and get comfortable on the ice.  Stand around her so she doesn’t face plant, but other than that, just hover.  I know, I know, bad term especially when talking about parenting, right?  I’ll assume you’re able footed from here on out, however.

Pick a “lane” where there isn’t much traffic.  You’re not going to be flying around the ice the first time, so don’t try and go all speed skater here.  Secondly, you’re going to see a number of show-boating teens that whip in and between people, so stay within a good distance of your daughter just so you don’t get in their way and she doesn’t become one of their casualties.

If your daughter is a little older, maybe you will race her a bit.  If it’s still okay for you two to hold hands (she’ll let you know), take a lap or two doing that.  It’s sweet, come on.  It’s not going to be long before it never happens again, so take it while you can.

Okay, she's a little ahead of the curve

She’s probably going to want to learn how to do fancy ice skating moves.  If so, take a stop in the middle of the rink as there are probably going to be a few ice dancers in there practicing.  Watch and learn.  If you do it with her, all the more smiles.

Thaaaaaaaat's a little over the top

She might not turn out to be the next Michele Kwan, but she’s more important and beautiful to you anyway.  By lacing up the skates, wobbling alongside her, and feeling sliding along, you’ll be adding another memory to her treasury about her dad.

Super Dad Tip: Rent the rink out.  Just you and her.  Take a private lesson.  Find a hidden pond or a farmers pond where you’ve worked out a deal.

Thanks for being a dad….


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