Stormtrooper Dad photos

I think these pictures are so cool.  They totally warm the heart, especially for the geek in me.  But I think it’s a misconception that the little storm trooper is a boy.  I mean, really, couldn’t that be a girl?  I’m probably stepping in to heresy for the hardcore Star Wars fans.


Here’s the thing, I looked at the pictures and immediately felt a connection to it.  I could see my daughter running up to me, playing with her, and walking with her.  I never even considered that the little one would be a boy.  Of course, I didn’t look at it as myself in a storm trooper costume.  But whatever it is about those pictures, it invokes something in us as dads.

One more B-Wing ride, then off to bed

What do you see?  Other than the obvious figures that you have sitting on top of your monitors, do you see your daughter?

Probably one of the reasons we look at these pictures with such admiration is just the fact that we know they’re little for a small amount of time.  You can’t rewind, you can’t go back.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  On the flip side, maybe we’re just so excited to see fatherhood meets Star Wars other than hacking off your son’s hand, then saving him later from your boss, only to die anyway.  Admit it, George Lucas has some daddy issues.

Look at the anguish on his face

Thanks for looking on the bright side of fatherhood and thanks for being a dad…



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