What did you learn from the Grammys?

Well, while I was out on vacation, the whole world just went and blew up, didn’t it?  Whitney Houston dead, the whole Grammy show dedicated in her honor, and then the aftermath of all that exploding over Twitter.  So, what did you learn from this weekend?

Was it that a star tragically fell?  With her infamous marriage to Bobby Brown, quite possibly how she picked up such an addiction, did it give you pause on the type of person your daughter is going to choose?  Somehow, my thoughts went there.  I immediately thought, “I don’t want my daughters to ever choose drugs because I don’t want them to fight those demons”.

He has nice countertops though...

Or did you compare the attention given to Whitney to the attention given to Chris Brown?  Half the Twitterverse did, with somewhat misguided tweets such as this:

Or some cutting tweets like this:

Getting responded to with this:

How’s that make you feel, Dads?  Angry or inspired?  As Dads, we do have the power to change this.  You know how to; just be involved.

Or quite possibly, did you see the positive?  I saw amazing female talent that didn’t require drug induced writing or sexually suggestive dancing.  Yes, you might be tired of hearing about Taylor Swift or Adele, but you have to admit that you’d prefer your daughter ending up like that than ending up like Nikki Minaj.  After a show topically shedding light on different types of abuse, it was refreshing to just see actual talent on display.

So what did you take away from all that drama?  If you avoided all of it, just realize that all of those things are out there, and that we can help our daughters avoid some of those choices by modeling the right behavior and be rock solid for her.  As always, it’s the most important job you’ll ever do.

And since this is blog post is a little heavy, I’ll bring it back with this last photo:

Thanks for being a dad…..


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