Going against the grain of news

Sure, there are ton of blogs commenting on the pistol packing papa, gunning down a defenseless laptop in cold blood.  I could go there and lay out my views on the whole thing, sure. BetaDad did it better, anyway.

Or maybe you were expecting me to give an intimate coverage of Bobby-Brown stepping in to comfort his daughter at her late mother’s funeral.  That’s do-able; plenty of commentary on my mind about that one too.

Quite possibly you’d like me to rebut my own post from last week, discussing the Grammys and how Adele’s Dad is SHOCKED that she doesn’t want to see him.  Barring the fact that he literally pulled what Bobby Boucher’s dad did in the Waterboy, I still could have written about that.

Probably makes you want to bust out the DVD, huh?

NOPE.  I’m covering what the readers want.  And the readers here are dudes.  They’re dudes from all walks of life, but they still hold some things in common.  They love their daughters.  They’re in to popular geek stuff.  They enjoy explosions and non-scripted action.

So, I’m bringing those interest together.  George Lucas.  He has a daughter.  She’s an MMA fighter.  I did not make this up, however it does fit with my target demographic at the blog. *score*

But there’s an underlying tale here.  Can your daughter step of the shadow you cast?  Some of us are pretty prominent in our jobs and communities.  Not me, but I’m sure some of you are.  Could you imagine being George Lucas’s kid?  Especially if you went in to film.  As you read the article, you can clearly see that she doesn’t want to be tied to Star Wars. She wants her own identity.


Are you letting your daughter have her own identity?  If so, how do you encourage that?  It’s a shameless plug, but I do Daddy-Daughter Dates.  They give me an opportunity to learn about her so I can encourage those parts that make my daughter MY DAUGHTER.

I wonder if she knows she can get Cat Facts on her phone...

I’m not saying don’t pass down your legacy to your daughter.  That Daddy-Daughter Date can be used to teach her about you and your interests.  By giving a mutual respect to each other about what you’re in to, she’s going to feel more confident about being her own person, and not just _______’s daughter.  But if you were George Lucas, I’m sure  you let your daughter hop on your back like a TaunTaun.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a dad…



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