How do you sacrifice for your daughter?

What kind of sacrifice do you make for your daughter?  Okay, that’s heavy, I know, but just stay with me here.  Some dads will ultimately identify their work as their sacrifice for their daughters.  Sure, you could say “family” here in place of daughters, but some of my readers are single dads just making it work on his own.  I think it’s safe to say that every man sacrifices, at some point, for the ones he loves.

We sacrifice willingly.  As dads, we wake up every morning feeling the responsibility of each and every member under his house.  He feels the needs to forgo his own enjoyment to direct, decide, protect, and provide.  He has great power, and with it, great responsibility.  I think Uncle Ben said that once.  Right before he got a cap popped in him.  Hmm.

Why do I discuss sacrifice?  Because I’ve seen it, first hand, what a dad is willing to persevere for his daughter.  I’ve seen a dad faced with mountain that he decided to climb, rock by rock, cliff by cliff, for his darling child.  I’ve seen it first-hand.

I now present you with that dad

So Homeskillet here probably is a CPA or a Director of Marketing somewhere and has been planning this trip to Disney for 8 months.  He’s got it in his mind which parks to go to and what they’re going to see.  He probably paid through the teeth to get the last rental car available and unfortunately found out that EVERYONE ELSE had the same idea, so he fought 2 hours of crowds just to get in the park.  And when he did, he got to carry the magic wands…..that he just paid $24 for….each.

Really, the man is probably dropping at least $6k on the trip and going to be waiting 50 minutes in line to snap a photo of his daughters with a college student dressed as Pocahontas.  The hours he toils away at his desk, preparing numbers for his boss or getting yelled at by customers, is being converted in to revenue for an already rich franchise.


And it is worth every penny.  Maybe it’s not princess dresses or Dora coloring books.  Maybe it’s 4 a.m. practices that you run her to.  Maybe it’s sitting through 13 years of screechy violin concerts.  Maybe it’s moving her in to her third apartment in 4 months after her latest breakup.  Dads do that.  Dads lay it on the line and do it with a smile.  She’s worth it and you’re communicating that to her in one of the only way dudes know how: by being there.  And just when you don’t think you can give any more to her or sacrifice any more, you do:

Dad Level: 99

So, how do you sacrifice for you daughter?  Whatever you do, thanks for being a dad….



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