Rock it out

I’ll admit that I was pulled in by the video of a dad singing Bohemian Rhapsody with his kids on the way to school.  I just love how the dad starts a tradition with his kids, especially with his daughters, just showing them how to have a good time.  It’s just a ride to school, after all.  But I’ll bet you that’s one awesome ride to school.  C’mon, growing up, you would have thought that was awesome until the age of 13.  Then it would just embarrassed you.

No...THIS would embarrass you

The video did make me step back and pause, though.  What sort of traditions am I making with my kids?  We often think about Christmas traditions, 4th of July, or the last day of school for doing something special, every year.  But did you think about on the way to school?  How about on Sundays?  What about before every baseball game?

I recently chatted with a co-worker that was reviewing the blog and she mentioned that her dad was a shining example of an engaged dad.  His tradition?  Every softball game of hers, he was there and watching, and afterward he’d take her out for Wendy’s.  Look, Wendy’s isn’t the most amazing food (I’m asking for arguments, right there), but it’s not about the food.  It’s about that dad investing the time with his daughter.  He built her confidence up bit by bit, by every game he was at and every Wendy’s meal he bought.  That’s a good tradition.

Way better than "Butterfly Kisses"

So what’s your tradition with your daughter?  Is it a Daddy-Daughter Date?  Is it watching her softball games?  Is it a ride to school?  Whatever it is, it might be something so simple and so basic, yet it’s building that confidence, brick by brick, by you being that engaged dad.  Don’t have a tradition?  Look around on the blog; you’ll find something.

Dads rock. Enough said.

Thanks for being a dad….



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