Happy Mother’s Day from Daddy-Daughter Dates!

At the Daddy-Daughter Dates blog, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day.  We’re celebrating it with vim, gusto, and panache.  It might confuse you for me to suddenly be flipping to a non-dad or daughter topic.  “But Scott, why talk about Mother’s Day?  It’s a dad blog!”, you might say.  A very simple reason: you’re only a dad because of a mother out there.

Seriously, bro?

Okay, I know it sounds a bit hokey, but the fact of the matter is that you’re only on this Earth because of your mother.  Whether she was a staple in your family and the standard matriarch persona, or you never even met her.  Maybe you and your mom haven’t talked in years because of stupid human nature or maybe you talk with her every week.  As I’m typing this, my mom is visiting us for a few days and sleeping on the couch in the basement.  Sure, she gets on my nerves from time to time, but I couldn’t be here without her.  That’s something to celebrate.  That’s SOMEONE to celebrate.

Do something to celebrate your mom today.  It could be a card, flowers, or just a phone call.  It could be putting a rose at her grave site.  Or if you never met your mom or don’t speak to her, it could be taking two seconds to be thankful for becoming the person that you are today.

She always wondered why you got picked on…you never told her the reason was her.

Which leads me to another person to celebrate: the mom of your daughter.  My wife is currently sitting 3 feet from me and has no idea of the flowers I have for her hidden on the side of the garage or the card and box of Swedish Fish (one of her favorites).  Sure, I could do more, but this is going to speak to her about my love for her.  The girls already made cards for her with a multitude of Crayola goodness.  She’s the mother of my children; I need to celebrate her on Mother’s Day.

Again, it may not be so easy for you.  The mother of your daughter might be someone you’ve grown far apart from, even hating, or someone who simply ran off on your little princess.  If that’s the case, still celebrate the gift she gave you.  You’re a dad, and a hell of a good one too.  You wouldn’t be that without the woman that gave birth to your daughter, regardless of how you feel about her.  So wherever you’re at with her, still celebrate her in some way.  Maybe you call her just to say “thanks”; not “I forgive you” or “I want you back”.  A simple “I love being a dad, and regardless of what happened between us, I have you to thank.”.  Think about the example that shows your daughter.

That’s the scene you’re looking for….minus the photoshopping

Speaking of which, you should celebrate your daughter.  There is a high chance that she might be a mother some day.  Hopefully it’s not before she graduates high school, but let’s not think like that right now.  Or she might already be a mom.  Regardless, this is a time to show her that moms are respected for all the hard work they do.  As with anything you do, consciously or unconsciously, she’s watching.  If on Mother’s Day, you thank the women in your life, she’ll feel secure knowing that if she makes that choice someday, her dad will show her that same respect.

FAIL. I mean, really? Really Society? REALLY?

Tell someone “Happy Mother’s Day” today.  Thanks for supporting them and thanks for being a dad…


p.s. – Happy Mother’s Day to my wife, my mom, my grandmother, and to all you amazing ladies that sacrifice for your kids.


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