My favorite daddy-daughter story from this Christmas

Well, I can honestly say that Christmas came and went like a whirlwind this year, but that’s due to a whole bunch of craziness in my household with my three girls.  Given a bunch of extraneous circumstances, I did NOT get them everything on their list or everything under the sun.  I don’t think I was necessarily planning on getting them everything, but I was hoping to at least have that feeling that I know one of the presents they open is going to bring that smiling, squealing, “I love you so much, DADDY!” response.  So I had to go looking for an example of a dad that really brought it home for his girls.

My buddy Steve is a good guy.  He’s one of those guys that you realize after five minutes of talking to him why he’s at that VP level.  Steve has an ever present set of ideas, critical business acumen, and tenacity for professional partnerships.  In his personal life, he commands a household with two girls.  Even at the ages of 3 and 6, Steve knows that he’s got his work cut out for him.  The latest example comes from his Christmas.

What’s the single most iconic gift you can think of that a little girl asks for Christmas?  A pony.  Okay, you’re right there, I guess.  What’s the SECOND most iconic request?  A puppy.  Yes, a puppy.  The thing that seems so damn cute at the time, but eventually becomes a dog and a huge responsibility.  Man’s best friend.   The ultimate Christmas gift.

Well, almost as ultimate as a puppy in a Snuggie

And Steve bought one.  Now, he’s been a dog owner before, many moons ago, with a Doberman.  This time, no Doberman.  This time, Steve did the extremely responsible and altruistic, going to PAWS to adopt a dog.  (Look up PAWS if you’re curious on it, basically a no-kill shelter)  So he’s already winning on the “nice guy” award.  Then remember that he’s delivering this puppy from a no-kill shelter to two young daughters.  In terms of knocking it out of the park, every day he’s hustling.

So, super-dad delivers the puppy on Christmas morning.  The effect is magical.  His daughter’s will never forget it as long as they live.  Then comes down to the name.  What to name such a special animal?  The girls begin to argue; Steve makes a call.  His name is solid, basic, and a good name for a dog.  The kids?  Well, influenced by none other Disney (like most young girls), they select Max.  Short for Maximus.  The horse from Tangled.  Less solid, less basic, but still a good name for a dog.  So, what did it come out as?


You gotta hand it to Steve.  And I have to hand it to every dad that went out his way to deliver that magical moment this Christmas.  We don’t get too many opportunities in the little time we have with them.  We do, however, then get a good 17 years of taking care of that damn dog.  Thanks for reading and thanks for being a dad….



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